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Hello! My name is Zoë Jasko, and I am a writer and performer. I live in Hertfordshire with my husband and 4 children. I am a trained singer, and I am co-founder and creative director of Hertfordshire based Felici Opera (


I love telling stories and creating characters, whether that’s on the page or on the stage. It makes me happy to bring them alive to you in talks and readings.

My first book, What the Wind Saw: Short Stories from the Heart of Hertfordshire was published in 2022. It is a collection of stories inspired from my walks in the countryside around where I live. I wrote this book because I am proud of the beautiful county of Hertfordshire where I live and I want others to enjoy it as much as I do. I also wrote my bookd to encourage us all to walk in the countryside - it's good for our physical health, our mental health and our imaginations!


My second book, my debut novel, Hope is Daffodil Bright, is a second world war book, inspired by a box of letters from soldiers I inherited from my grandmother who ran the WVS canteen in Grantchester near Cambridge. It blends the true story of Alice Bragg the leader of the WVS in Cambridge and the fictional Jean Barnet. I wrote my novel because I don’t want the hard work and generosity of a generation of women to be forgotten and to remind us that volunteering helps everyone, including the volunteer


My third book, a second collection of (longer) short stories, The Portraits on the Wall inspired by paintings of imaginary pets, will be released 12th September 2024.


My fourth book is somewhere in my head waiting to find the light of day!


My books are published by the Hertfordshire independent publisher The Endless Bookcase

Zoe Jasko author of Hope is Daffodil Bright, What the Wind Saw and The Portraits on the Wall
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