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The Portraits on the Wall : Five Cherished Pets, Five Special Stories

In five beautifully observed stories, Zoë Jasko’s third book explores the relationships between people and their pets and why the love they share is so frequently celebrated in painting.

Paco: Bartolo and his pet dog teach headstrong Consuela to dance flamenco at the Seville April Fair – to her parents’ disgust.

Percival: Emily, unhappy in a stale marriage, buys a painting of a sheep at an art show which leads to an unexpected chain of events.

Guy: Edward lives with his parrot on a houseboat near Keswick. Their secret threatens to destroy a special relationship.

Smokey: Derek, retired and widowed, has a date with Jenny. All seems to go well until he meets her cat.

Winnie: Anna is desperate to keep her dog safe when the bombs fall during the Blitz. She will go to any lengths.

Publication Date 12th September 2024

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